Italy three top brand jeans


Speaking of jeans you have to say three Italian jeans brand DIESEL, REPLAY,
ENERGIE is known as Italy, the three high-end jeans brand each brand has its
own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.
Diesel clothing design company based in Italy. The company mainly produces
clothing, for the population aged 17-36 also has a children's sportswear
product line. Development, including in 1985, Renzo Rosso acquired all the
shares of the company.
In 1991, the company began to market internationalization strategy. , On
Lexington Avenue in New York opened in 1996
Diesel's first flagship store. Companies in the world with hundreds of
stores of different styles of Diesel jeans trendy mix effect, leisure join
nostalgic features popular with young people.
Diesel Jeans
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Replay Casual lightweight clothing jeans from Italy, founded by famous
designer Buziol Claudio
In 1978, after 20 years of development, deeply loved by all over the world
because of its excellent quality and unique design style, different from the
general trend of lightweight clothing in natural and comfortable original
series. Excellent craftsmanship and annual design innovation, the most
important is that it adhere to the belief of "excellent quality" Twenty
years has not changed. Each product regardless of the appearance and feel of
the wearer pleasant surprise, some of these products using hand-made, and
attractive. REPLAY jeans products, from beginning to end are more than
twenty different washing processes, it has a remarkable quality. From design
concept to deal with even the pants type and strive for excellence,
continuous washing practice for more than 12 hours each product must sell it
different from the birth of the beginning.
Replay holes in jeans
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ENERGIE famous Italian clothing brand, in Paris, even if it is such a large
department store in Paris in the spring, ENERGIE usually occupy large chunks
of the menswear department of sports and leisure jeans class site is very
much welcomed by the European young people three major Italian avant-garde
leisure menswear brands. Energie brand style tough, a large number of fusion
by the fanatical pursuit of military elements and retro style, worldwide.
The perfect fusion of elegant and tough temperament, the use of the climax
materials with a perfect process, add a lot of gentle temperament, by jeans
enthusiasts worldwide fanatical pursuit.